India Said About Boycott Chinese Products Then China Started To Sweat And Threatening

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New Delhi: If you use social media, then it is very possible that today you will have a message on WhatsApp or Facebook, in which there has been a demand to boycott Chinese goods. In India, such demand has gained momentum at this time. Voices of China’s boycott in India have started to rise, amidst tension on the coronavirus and then the LAC. China is now scared by these voices. China has also started propaganda against it and has even warned India through its mouthpiece.

India is a big market for China
India is a huge market for China from which it deals with millions of crores every year. Chinese goods are present in almost every sector of India. But now to reduce this presence, many big campaigns are being conducted in the country. The country’s own business group is going to unite against China and start a very big campaign.

Investment increased five-fold
According to official figures, the investment of Chinese companies in India was Rs 12 thousand crores in the year 2014, which has now increased five times to Rs 60 thousand crores. Actually China is investing in many sectors in India through companies from a third country. In 2019, China’s investment in Indian start-ups increased by about 94 per cent. In 2018, China’s investment figure was about 15 thousand crores, which has increased to 29 thousand crores last year.

China has invested in 18 startups
Of the 30 big start-ups in India, about 18 start-ups have invested money from Chinese investors. There are more than 75 such companies in India, in which Chinese investors have made inroads. These companies work in the fields of e-commerce, financial technology, media and social media and logistics. Not only this, China’s video app TikTok has overtaken Google’s YouTube in India. Companies like OPPO and XIAOMI of China are selling the most smartphones in the Indian market. Their market share has been around 72 per cent.

China is upset with India because of this
On the one hand, China is troubled by India’s strengthening relations with America, on the other hand, eight countries of the world have formed a strong alliance against China. This alliance will not only formulate a strategy against China but will also give it a suitable answer. China, surrounded by all sides, is now dazed. The world has intensified the barricade against China. China is already on the target of many countries of the world on the issue of the South Sea, Hong Kong and Coronavirus and now 8 countries of the world have united to form a strategy against China.

The world with PM Modi, China in awe
The alliance formed against China has been named Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC). This includes members of the Parliament of America, Germany, Britain, Japan, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Norway and Europe. The purpose of the alliance is to actively strategize on the issues related to China and give appropriate answers with cooperation. Senator Marco Rubio of the Republican Party of America is one of the co-chairs of the IPAC. The eight countries see China as a global challenge.

Now eight countries have joined hands together to surround China and knock it out. The world is also eyeing the ongoing tension along the Ladakh border with India. In such a situation, 8 countries, including the US, have formed a grand alliance, considering China’s power as a threat to global trade, security and human rights. This alliance will work on a strategy to respond to all actions of China and will thwart China’s arbitrariness under the guise of sovereignty.


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