India Has These 5 Options To Teach China A Lesson, Dragon Will Be Forced To Bow Down

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New Delhi: If China was thinking that it would be fickle in Ladakh, try to change the LAC and India would not be able to do anything, then China has forgotten that it is not the India of 1962. This is the New India of 2020, which makes a tremendous reversal on every war. The resolve of New India is that if you tease we will not leave. From Doklam to Galvan Valley, China has got proof of this.

What are the diplomatic and military options against China
The First Option: Take a strict action strategy against China.
The Second Option: China gets a response to LAC in its own language.
The Third Option: International alliances against China. Countries that are against China, India can bring them together.
The Fourth Option: Indian Navy to siege China at sea. China will be forced to compromise with pressure.
The Fifth Option: India should retaliate against China.

On 20 October 1975, China attacked Assam Rifle’s Patrolling Party fraudulently in Tulung La, Arunachal Pradesh. Four Indian soldiers were martyred in this. That is, China had also shown its deceitful character and now once again a violent character has appeared, but now India is going to straighten the Chinese move forever.


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