India-China Ladakh Dispute: Chinese Troops Retreat In Galvan Valley, Camps Reduced

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New Delhi: Before the India-China discussion on the Corps Commander level on June 6, there were signs of tension in both the armies. Soldiers on both sides have reduced aggression in their deployment. Chinese troops have retreated slightly in the Galvan Valley. They have also reduced their camps. However, in Penang Lake, soldiers of both countries are still facing to face on the Finger Four. Even before this, no solution was found in the Brigadier-level talks between India and the Chinese Army, after which the next date was set for 6 June.

On the other hand, satellite imagery has revealed that China is engaged in strengthening the naval base at Gwadar Port in Pakistan so that it can deploy its naval assets. According to security experts, China is engaged in modernizing Gwadar and is developing Gwadar and its surrounding areas very fast. China wants to increase its infiltration into the Indian Ocean through Gwadar Port. So that China can use it as a naval base and can be used to curb India’s increasing maritime strength when needed.

China is engaged in connecting Gwadar with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor i.e. CPEC so that it can use it for the movement of Chinese goods.

There is also a lot of opposition to the construction being done by CPEC and Gwadar being done by China in Pakistan. Because of which China is building a high-security compound around Gwadar Port to save its people during any protest and attack. Hundreds of Chinese engineers are engaged in construction work around Gwadar and Karachi Ports.


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