In Pakistan, another accused of gang-rape of newlyweds has been encounter by the police

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Multan (Pakistan): The police one by one are encountering the rape accuses, who entered the house of a newlywed and gang-raped on the day of their honeymoon in Pakistan. There are a total of 4 accused in the case. In which the second accused was killed in the encounter on Saturday night.

‘Shaukat died in the attack of comrades’

According to Geo News, Multan Police has stated this encounter. Police said, ‘A police team was taking the accused Shaukat in the case to recover the weapon from him. Then on the way, his companions attacked the police team. Seeing the opportunity, Shaukat also tried to escape from custody. Then the bullet fired from the companions hit Shaukat and he died there. His companions fled taking advantage of the darkness of the night.

The encounter of 2 accused till now

Shaukat is the second accused killed in the Multan gang rape case. Two days before this, an accused named Abid was also killed by the police in an encounter. There were a total of 4 accused in this barbaric gang-rape case, out of which 2 accused have been killed in the police encounter so far. At the same time, fear has increased in the remaining 2 accused.

Let us inform you that on 27th May last month, a newly married woman came to her in-laws’ house for the first time after her marriage in the Shujabad area of Multan. Four people in police uniform reached the groom’s house at 3 am on the honeymoon day. He said that information has been received about the smuggling of liquor in the house. That’s why the house has to be searched. As soon as he entered the house, a miscreant took all the people of the house at gunpoint and kept them in a room for 2 hours.

The bride was gang-raped on May 27

While the other 3 miscreants went to the couple’s room. In the name of being searched, he got the groom opened the room. After this, his hostage was badly beaten with sticks. After beating the groom, all four tied his hands and feet and then, in turn, all three gang-raped the bride. After this, the fourth accused also came and raped from the second room. While leaving, he took away all the money, jewellery and valuables kept in the house.

After his departure, somehow the family members freed him and informed the police. When the real police team reached the spot, it came to know that there is no person in that face police. The badly injured bride and groom were admitted to the hospital. After this, on the complaint of the groom, the police registered a case against unknown people under serious sections including gang rape, robbery.

4 miscreants were involved in the incident

During the investigation, the police came to know that Abid, Shaukat and their two accomplices have done this work together. Several cases were already registered against the four miscreants. Those miscreants knew that the bride had brought a lot of money and jewellery with her. Seeing this, he had made a plan to rob the family.

Entered the house in police uniform

According to the police, when the miscreants came to rob the family, their intentions changed after seeing the newlyweds. Along with looting the money, he also decided to gang-rape. After that, after carrying out a barbaric incident with the bride and groom, the four miscreants left with the loot. Since the four miscreants were in police uniform. That’s why in the beginning the family did not even suspect him much.


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