In China’s Xinjiang province, China is torturing muslims and destroying their history


Beijing: China, which is troubling countries around the world, has launched a more dangerous campaign inside its country. The world knows about the atrocities being perpetrated on the Uighurs in China’s Xinjiang province. The latest report has revealed that the Communist Party of China government has come forward to erase the culture of Uyghurs Muslims and erase their history. Polls of this Chinese campaign have been revealed in the Xinjiang data project. Nathan Rudger, James Leibold, Kelsey Munro and Tila Hoja have claimed in the project report that 16,000 mosques in Xinjiang province have either been completely demolished or their domes have been demolished or damaged in some other way. A look at 1 thousand cultural sites of Xinjiang revealed that a large number of them were missing buildings.

The report said that in the action taken in 2017, not only more than 1 million Uighurs were detained but their culture and identity was attacked. It has been called the Cultural Massacre, under which the religious places and non-Han public places of Uighurs Muslims were wiped out. According to Nathan, an academician in Uighurs has said that the campaign to eradicate culture is a deliberate attempt to separate people from their history. According to the report, in 2016, Aksu Prefecture’s deputy secretary told government bodies – “Don’t waste time guiding people, change their customs, stop backwards, orthodox customs”.

The report also estimates that at least 400 cemeteries in Aksu have been desecrated and replaced with other structures. Not only this, in 2015, a party official and CCP official also said, ‘There are more mosques required for religious activities in Xinjiang’. He advised the demolition of mosques and the report estimated that 8,500 mosques have been demolished. This report claimed that Xinjiang currently has so few mosques for the first time since the Cultural Revolution. It has also been feared that people do not go to pray even in the mosques which are present.

Not only mosques, mausoleums and other cultural sites have also been spared. 50% of the sites that were officially protected have also been demolished. In 2017, the government demolished everything by running bulldozers in a 20 km area, while no one used to go here. Only one family was released, who used to work to inform the government about the visitors. 284 mausoleums were located for the report and 165 of them were either demolished or damaged.

The trend of demolishing the Islamic structure is not much in Xinjiang, but in some places, it has been done that the old building has been demolished and replaced with a strange little structure. The government of Xinjiang has tortured people and culture a lot. Righteousness is illegal and public space for Uygars and their identities are being snatched away from non-Han people. The report said that the campaign to eradicate culture has been spread throughout Xinjiang.

The report also claimed that within a month of the demolition of the Ordem Mazar, a woman named Rahile Davut, studying these places had gone missing. His family has not received any information about him since December 2017. He does not even know if he is alive or not. The report questions the world’s silence over the atrocities in Xinjiang. It says that other Muslims of the world are also silent on this. Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries support China while it insults and violates Islam. It says that in such a situation, the moral leadership of Muslim countries should not be kept silent.


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