I didn’t run with money and not afraid of death: Ashraf Ghani

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New Delhi: President Ashraf Ghani, who fled from Kabul after the Taliban occupation and took refuge in the UAE, has now spoken through a video message. Giving the reason for leaving Afghanistan, he said that he wanted a peaceful transfer of power but had to leave the country under compulsion against his will. Ghani said that there is an allegation on me that I ran away with money from Afghanistan but all these are baseless. It can be cross-checked by the Customs Department of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). I had to leave the country in such a situation that at that time I did not even have time to change my shoes. My security forces asked me to leave immediately.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani made a statement in front of the world for the first time after leaving the country. He said that if I had lived in Kabul, there would have been a massacre. Went out of Afghanistan due to security reasons. There was no result of talks with the Taliban. He said that those who call him a fugitive do not know about me. I was told that the Taliban had arrived in Kabul. It is a fact that there was an agreement between us and the Taliban that the Taliban would not enter Kabul, but they did. I decided to leave Afghanistan to avoid a bloody conflict and I am not afraid of death.

‘Even before many rulers have left Afghanistan’

Ghani also said in his video message that he was willing to go back to Afghanistan. With this added that many Afghan rulers have already left Afghanistan and then returned.


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