How much time is left with humans and the earth? Harvard professor gave this answer

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New Delhi: Harvard University professor and scientist Avi Loeb recently asked scientists worldwide how long the world will last? How long will humans live? What will be the date of the end of the earth or the end of humans? Because they feel scientists are not working in the right direction. Avi Loeb appealed to scientists to work to stop climate change. Create a vaccine. Find sustainable energy options. Every one should find a way to get food. Prepare to build a large base station in space. Also, try to contact the aliens. Because the day we technically become fully matured, from that day the entire generation of humans and the earth will be ready to be destroyed. At that time, only these discoveries and technological advances will save some humans.

Addressing the Harvard University alumni conference, Avi Loeb said that the most important thing is to increase the lifespan of humans. Because I have been asked how many years our technological civilization will live. In such a situation, my answer is that we are in the middle of our life. Our technological civilization started hundreds of years ago. Then it was a child. Right now we are watching its teenage years. It can remain for millions of years. We are currently witnessing the youthfulness of our technological life. It can survive for a few centuries but not more than this. It was told by Avi Loeb based on a mathematical calculation. But can this future be changed?

Avi Loeb said that the way the condition of the earth is deteriorating due to humans, it seems that humans will not be able to live on the earth for much longer. In a few centuries, the condition of the earth will become so bad that people will have to go to space. The biggest threat is the Technological Catastrophe. This technical disaster will be related to climate change. Apart from this, there are two major dangers, epidemics developed by humans and war between countries. If all these things are not done positively then the earth will end itself. Or it will destroy itself. It may also be that due to human activities, there is so much atrocity on the earth that it starts getting destroyed.

Avi Loeb said that humans are not able to protect themselves from the dangers that they have never bumped into before. Like climate change. Because of this, the weather is changing in different countries continuously. The glaciers are melting. The sea level is rising. The volcanoes, which have been sleeping for hundreds of years, are again on fire. The forest fires are burning. How can anyone forget the fire of Australia? Millions of creatures were killed in it.

The simple model of physics says that we are all composed of elemental particles. Nothing has been added separately to them. Therefore, based on the laws of nature, we have no right to tamper with them at the fundamental level. Because all the basic elements make or break the relationship under the laws of physics. If they get the freedom to tamper with it then it will be a loss.

Avi said that humans and their complex body structure cannot predict any disaster in private. Because this is the fate of our human civilization. It has been coined in this way in history. How long the human civilization will last depends on the technological development that will take place in the future. Anyway, humans will hunt themselves. Because many planets have been formed even before the sun. It may be that there are many planets where the creatures live. They should also have technological civilization. It may also be that they are running technological civilization with their traditional and ancient civilization. So that it does not lose its identity in the circle of technological civilization. When the radioactive atom can slowly disappear, why can’t the other life-giving atom end?

The human being should study the antiquity of space at the moment. They should search for dead technological civilizations. It should be known how these civilizations came to an end. A somewhere similar situation should not happen to humans. But man always finds his way out of his life. So maybe in future, humans will be able to go to space and save themselves. But the difficulties are not less there either. Eventually, if we build a space station, then someone will be around a planet. Who has some gravitational power? The space station of a planet without gravity does not make sense. Or you can make a station in space and leave it for an eternal journey. That is, when the Earth ends, its gravity will also end, in such a way, humans will not be able to hang on to space using its gravity.

Avi Loeb said that suppose man talks about leaving the Earth and going to Mars. Maybe in the next 6-7 decades, he can reach and build his house there too. But how many people will be able to go to Mars? Will they be able to spend so much money? Even if done, the cosmic rays, energetic solar particles, ultraviolet rays, lack of breathable atmosphere and low gravity will allow humans to live more days while going to Mars. Suppose some people start living on Mars after facing these problems, then it will take many more decades for them to re-establish their world and take more people from the earth. However, a major benefit from living on Mars will be that we will be able to search for other habitable planets from there. That is, terraformed planets will be able to be found.

Maybe people also ask the question, why should crores of rupees being spent on space missions? That money should be used for the good of the people living on the earth. Avi Loeb while answering this question said that it is better to search for different resident areas of the world than to end up living in your small campus. On earth as well as in space. Such questions are posed before every technological development. The number of horses off the road was reduced when cars were made. When the cellphone arrived, the question was raised before how such a large grid network would be made. But all this happened. The man reached the moon, but before that, a question was raised that this is not possible. How will you do it? But did not. If a person wants, he can find ways to save the earth. Questions also used to arise earlier. Will rise even further. Those who raise questions also take advantage of the new technology. They too later resort to new technology to keep themselves updated.

Avi Loeb said that our first need is to eliminate local problems. But at the same time, we also have to find new dimensions. New technology will have to be developed. Which can save humanity. Humans will have to work to save the earth and themselves by forgetting mutual differences. This will give more life to live a few centuries. Otherwise, both humans and the earth will end before time. We have to deal with local as well as global problems. Because Oscar Wilde said that we are all living in the gutter. But some of us also look at the stars. Therefore, more of us will have to look towards the stars. We will have to try for that. So that both humanity and the earth can be saved. If you will not be able to save, then arrange to go to another planet. Because according to how a person is doing his work, the earth will take revenge.


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