Donald Trump Warns, Will Deploy Army If Conditions Do Not Improve In America Soon

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Washington: In the US, the case of the death of a black citizen George Floyd in police custody is increasing. Protests are taking place across the country. There was a fierce demonstration even outside the White House. US President Donald Trump has warned that if the situation does not control soon, he will deploy the army in America. He said that I am going to take swift and decisive action to protect our capital Washington DC. I am sending thousands of soldiers, military personnel and enforcement officers to prevent riots and destruction of property. In a press conference, I am gathering all the resources. The National Guard has already been deployed in the US to control the problem.

Donald Trump said that we will bring justice to George Floyd and his family. All Americans are saddened by George’s gruesome murder. My first and foremost duty is that I can provide security to the country and the American people. I cannot allow peaceful demonstrations to turn into an angry mob. The worst victims of the riots have been innocent people. And these peace-loving people come from poor community.

At the same time, an army battalion has been deployed in Washington DC to control the protesters. Around 250 army personnel are monitoring the situation. Around four thousand people have been arrested during violent protests. Curfew has been imposed in New York on Monday from 11 am local time till 5 am Tuesday. It was being performed in New York for the last three nights. Mayor gave this information on Twitter.
Significantly, on May 25, 46-year-old George Floyd died in police custody in the city of Minneapolis. There is anger among people in America after George Floyd’s death in police custody. There was also a fierce demonstration outside the White House on Friday night. The severity of the violent demonstration can be understood from the fact that during that time President Donald Trump was briefly taken to an underground bunker. Tear-gas shells were released to control the protesters.

The New York Times report on the demonstration outside the White House on Friday said – “Secret service agents took the president to an underground bunker, which had been used previously during terrorist attacks.” This is the same bunker in which Vice President Dick Cheney was granted asylum during the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. According to the Times report- ‘According to the advisors, the experiences of Friday night for the President and his family were frightening.’

The US president has been widely criticized over protests taking place across the country since the video of Floyd’s death went viral on social media. Trump has not even addressed the nation since the protest and has repeatedly made offensive messages on Twitter. Now they have said that if the states cannot control the situation, then they will have to deploy the army.

(Input: ANI)


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