Corona: Is The Lancet Report Inspired by Politics? Indian professor gave this answer

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New Delhi: Experts have started raising questions on the report of The Lancet, a medical journal that accused of negligence in controlling the Corona epidemic. Experts have dismissed the report as accusing them of being politically motivated and did not take awareness measures.

Professor Pankaj Chaturvedi, deputy director of the Kaiser department of the Tata Memorial Center in Mumbai, said that the government had launched a portal long before Covid. The frequent outbreak of the epidemic is due to frequent mutants of the virus. Professor Pankaj Chaturvedi said that the Lancet report was completely inspired by politics. He has also given a point-by-point response to all the allegations made in the medical journal Lancet.

‘India’s lowest mortality rate’

Professor Pankaj Chaturvedi said that the death rate in India is extremely low. The population of America is 0.3 billion and due to Covid 3 lakh, people have died there. Brazil has a population of 0.2 billion and more than one million people have lost their lives there due to Covid. The number of people who died of corona in the population of 0.6 billion in Britain is 1, 27, 000.

Similarly, the total population of France is 0.6 billion while the number of people who die from Covid is 10,6493. In comparison, the total population of India is 1.3 billion while 2, 62 000 people have died from Covid here. This figure may increase, but the government has complete control over the situation. According to the data, the death rate in India is only 1.1 per cent, which is much less than in the United States, Britain, Brazil, Italy and Germany.

‘India tops in vaccination’

Professor Pankaj Chaturvedi believes that vaccination was started too late in India, but it has outpaced many countries. Professor Pankaj Chaturvedi said that vaccination started in the US on 14 December 2020. There have been 25 million people vaccinated.

Britain started on 21 December 2020 and to date, 53 million people have been vaccinated. Australia started on 22 February and 2 million people have been vaccinated. Vaccination started in India on 16 February and so far 18 crore people have been vaccinated.

‘Countries with better facilities are also backward’

According to Professor Pankaj Chaturvedi, countries like America, France, Italy have excellent health facilities but the highest number of deaths occurred there. While the situation remained under control. Professor Chaturvedi said that many states in India were not ready for the second wave. Kerala, Maharashtra, Delhi, Karnataka have excellent health facilities but people here have faced the most crisis.

‘Claims to give reasons to Kumbh’ as ​​false

In the medical journal The Lancet, Kumbh Mela has been described as a super spreader. Professor Pankaj Chaturvedi says that the entire Kumbh was spread over a radius of 150 sq km. Around 20 lakh people reached here between January and April. 3.5 lakh people also reached Kumbh in one day, but in terms of density, only 23 thousand people were present in one kilometre. More people live in many areas of Mumbai and Delhi. In Dharavi, 277136 people are living per square kilometre.

Lancet criticized the government

Let us tell you that the medical journal Lancet, which underperformed the efforts of the Government of India under the control of Corona, strongly criticized the Modi government. It was told in the report how the Indian government made half-hearted preparations to deal with the second wave of Corona. The report said that the government was busy responding to criticisms only through Twitter in exchange for the prevention of Corona.


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