Corona: Canada-US Borders Will Remain Closed Until The End Of July!

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Ottawa: Given the impact of Corona Virus, Canada and the US may extend the ban on non-essential travel to the end of July. During this time, movement on the borders of both countries will be closed. Washington and Ottawa imposed the ban in March, which was again extended in April and May. The current ban is going to end on 21 June. Sources say that the ban on non-essential travel can be extended until the end of July.

On request not to be named, a US source said that the borders will not be opened even after the ban ends on June 21, as both countries are going to ban non-essential travel till the end of July. However, the US Department of Homeland Security was not immediately available for comment.

Statistics show that corona outbreaks are slowing in 10 Canadian provinces. Two major cities of the country, Toronto and Montreal, have also reported a decrease in new cases. Despite this, most provinces are not ready to resume non-essential travel. He has also informed the government in this regard. Due to these inter-provincial restrictions, the opening of borders with the United States has been difficult, with many provinces prohibiting non-essential travel within Canada.

Significantly, more than 110,000 people have died due to coronavirus in America. At the same time, as of 9 June, 7,835 people have died in Canada and 96,244 cases have been reported. A spokesman for Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Christia Freeland, who has responsibility for relations with the United States, said both sides believe the ban worked well.

If the governments of the two countries decide to increase the ban, Canadian airlines and the tourism industry will suffer greatly. All airlines, including Air Canada, are badly affected by the ban, as thousands of flights have been cancelled, forcing them to cut jobs and costs. A Canadian government source said that some sectors like Air Canada are under pressure to open the border as soon as possible.


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