Chinese Rocket Landing: Rocket debris in the Indian Ocean near Sri Lanka and the Maldives

Chinese Rocket Landing
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Beijing: According to estimates by the US Department of Defense Pentagon, China’s Long March 5 Brocket fell into the Indian Ocean. According to foreign media, it has fallen into waters near Sri Lanka and the Maldives in the South-East of India. According to the American Space Force, this rocket was coming towards the earth at a speed of 18 thousand miles per hour. There was no confirmation of where it would land. By the way, there is no news of any casualties and losses.

The rocket was 100 feet long and 16 feet wide

There was a possibility that this rocket might fall in four. Which had three water and one ground orbit. The rocket, known as 2021-035B, is 100 feet long and its width was 16 feet. On entering the atmosphere, a large part of it got burnt and the rest fell into the water. According to earlier estimates, the rocket may have fallen in Southeast America, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Peru, Ecuador Colombia, Venezuela, South Europe, North or Central Africa, Middle East, South India or Australia. At the same time, due to the excess water on the earth, the loss was also accepted.

There was also apprehension

Earlier it was feared to fall in Beijing, Madrid or New York. Due to its high speed, it was difficult to confirm the place of landing. After being uncontrolled, this rocket started moving towards the earth and it was feared damage when it hit the earth. According to experts, there was also talk of burning a large part of this Chinese rocket to ashes when coming close to the earth. China sent the first part of its space station to be built in space with the help of this rocket. This module is named Tianhe.


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