Chinese Army Retreats On LAC, Commander Level Talks Between The Two Sides Are Possible Today

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New Delhi: Commander level talks between India and China are possible on Wednesday due to the ongoing deadlock on the Indo-China border (LAC) in Ladakh. According to sources, it has been reported that Chinese troops have retreated about two and a half kilometres to 4 places of collision. Let us know that the soldiers of both countries have gone back from the places of confrontation. At three places in the Galvan Valley, Chinese soldiers have gone back nearly two and a half kilometres with their military equipment. In the last 1 month, Chinese soldiers had come ahead of LAC at this place and they had captured the surrounding hills.

Significantly, Chinese soldiers had come up to Finger 4 of Pangang Lake in Ladakh, where they had a confrontation with Indian soldiers. Chinese troops have also retreated from Pangang Lake. India claims up to Finger 8, where Indian soldiers used to patrol. Till now the soldiers of India and China were face to face near Finger 4 of Pangong Lake. Now Chinese soldiers have retreated a few kilometres from here. The way the fierce attitude of China was seen, no one was expecting that the soldiers of the two countries would withdraw from the situation of confrontation so soon, but it has happened and it shows the strength of India.


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