China’s spacecraft reaches Mars, Zhurong rover lands with the help of a parachute

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Beijing: China’s spacecraft has succeeded in reaching Mars for the first time. Through the Tianwen-1 mission, China has also launched its rover on the red planet in one go. The capsule along with the lander and rover crossed the atmosphere of Mars to the surface. With this, China has become the first country to land on Mars after America. China National Space Administration (CNSA) gave this information on Saturday.

Landed in 7 minutes

According to media reports, the lander landed on Saturday. The lander Rover Zhurong landed with the help of a parachute and landed seven minutes from the atmosphere. It has landed on the Utopia Planitia of Mars. China Rover has 6 wheels and can be powered by solar energy. Its weight is around 240 kg. By staying here, the rover will collect samples of the rocks of Mars. Will research them with this. It will work for about 3 months.

Completed five successful flights

Tianwen-1 reached the orbit of Mars in February. On February 18, the US Space Agency NASA’s Perseverance Rover also landed on Mars. He has also started his work there. NASA has also sent a helicopter Ingenuity, which has completed five of its successful flights. Along with these two countries, this year the United Arab Emirates spacecraft Hope also succeeded in reaching Mars orbit. It will rotate in the orbit of Mars and will prepare a map of it.

Before the landing of Tianwen-1, its orbiter has sent many pictures. One video was taken from Tianwen-1’s Small Engineering Survey sub-system camera. During this time, craters on the surface of Mars also appeared. In the second video, pictures were also revealed from the monitoring camera of the tracking antenna of Tianwen-1. Many small monitoring cameras are installed in the engineering survey sub-system.


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