China created its Cyber Army in India, cheated the people of India by stealing data and 150 crores

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New Delhi: Inside India, Chinese citizens have prepared a cyber army that has entered your house. They can not only steal your mobile data (Mobile Data Hack) but also want to rob your earnings. Therefore, it is our duty to warn you that never download any app in the pursuit of earning money quickly.

Biggest conspiracy revealed

Coronavirus is considered to be a gift of China. When many countries around the world including India were battling this epidemic, there was a lockdown. Markets, offices were all closed. Even during that time, some Chinese were doing their clever tricks to cheat the people of India. These vicious Chinese found a unique way to cheat the people locked in their homes. 5 to 6 Chinese citizens sitting in China made five Chinese apps named Power Bank, Lightning Power Bank, Sun Factory, Easy Plan, Pocket Wallet, and downloaded them from YouTube channel, Telegram channel and invested some money in it in 24 days. Was tempted to double. To carry out their conspiracy, these people used the people of the country to fulfil their plans in a very clever way.

The app had become popular on social media

Delhi Cyber ​​Cell DCP Anyesh Roy said, ‘We got suspicious about some apps becoming popular on social media. When their information was extracted, a shocking revelation was made. After which those related to these apps were arrested. All these people were working at the behest of Chinese citizens. Was opening an account. Companies were being opened and they were doing such activities by becoming their custodial. Cyber ​​Cell also came to know about some people who did not know them directly, they came in contact with them through YouTube and Telegram channels and they were recruited by these people in different parts of the country for this work.’

More than 150 crore thugs sent money abroad

So far, in the investigation, the police have come to know that the money was being sent abroad after executing the fraud of more than 150 crores through the Chinese app. So far, the police have come to know about 5 lakh people from only 2 payment gateways who were cheated. While the details of the money sent through UPI are yet to come. You can guess how popular this Chinese app became in a short time from the fact that more than 50 lakh people had downloaded this app in a very short time. The app named Power Bank has joined the top five apps of the Play Store. The police came to know in their investigation that these apps were stealing the data of the device in which they were being downloaded and whose server was out. After its investigation, the Cyber ​​Cell of Delhi Police raided many places including Delhi NCR and arrested 11 people, among those arrested there are 2 CAs, who helped to open shell companies and big money was being collected.

Made 110 cell companies and sell them to the Chinese

CA Avik Kedia, a resident of Gurugram, formed 110 cell companies and transferred them to Chinese citizens. He used to take Rs 3 lakh from a company, while Ronak Bansal, a chartered accountant, is from Delhi. According to the DCP, ‘When we saw the money trail, it was found that the money was going through the payment gateway to many shell companies and crores of rupees are going to different accounts and then through money laundering, around 25 shell companies It is being sent to the company and their bank account.’

The lure of doubling money in 24 days

This unique model of duping people was designed in such a way that whoever downloads these Chinese apps will double their amount in 24 days after investing Rs 300 to lakhs. To win the trust of the people, these people used to transfer 10 per cent of the invested amount to his account at the same time. People who invest for a few days will get money. But later these people would stop sending them money.

More than 5 lakh people became victims of fraud

According to the police, more than 5 lakh people have invested in these apps, which has been defrauded by more than Rs 150 crore. Police have recovered cash of Rs 97 lakh. Money was being sent abroad through cryptocurrencies. Police claim that more than 50 lakh people have downloaded this app. In such a situation, the number of victims of fraud will increase and the amount of fraud can be from 250 to 300 crores.


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