America appeals to its citizens, everyone returns to their country immediately from India

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Washington: The US has appealed to its citizens not to travel to India given the huge increase in the cases of Covid-19 and on Friday it appealed to them to return home from the currently existing flights. The State Department issued a health alert saying that United Airlines and Air India are currently operating weekly direct flights from India to the US.

Many airlines are providing travel facilities

Air France, Lufthansa and Qatar Airways also have the option of flights to Paris, Frankfurt and Doha. The health alert states that American citizens who want to come from India are encouraged to book tickets through the airline.

Corona negative certificate required

It said that anyone travelling to the US (two years and above) must have the Covid-19 checked three days before the trip and a negative report is necessary before boarding the plane. Passengers should show documentation of recovering from Covid-19.

The decision was taken due to increasing cases of corona

It said that travellers should follow the guidelines after reaching the US. The US had issued a travel advisory on India this week and appealed to its citizens not to travel to India there due to the huge increase in the cases of Covid-19.


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