This virus scares between dengue and swine flu, do not ignore these symptoms

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New Delhi: After the coronavirus epidemic, the number of dengue and swine flu patients in the country is increasing continuously. Meanwhile, the risk of the Zika virus has also increased. Many cases of the Zika virus have been reported in many other states including Kerala, Uttar Pradesh. The country has still not fully recovered from the coronavirus, so spreading these three diseases together can prove to be dangerous. Today, we will tell you about the symptoms of these diseases so that they can be treated in time.

Recognize the symptoms of dengue-like this

According to doctors, at this time the maximum number of dengue cases are coming in the country. Many patients have to be admitted to the hospital in serious condition, so there is a need to avoid it. This disease is caused by mosquito bites. One who bites during the day. This mosquito breeds in clean water. In such a situation, people mustn’t allow water to accumulate around them. Wear sleeveless clothes.

In case of fever for more than two days, consult a doctor. Apart from this, feeling weak, headache, pain behind the eyes, tiredness, vomiting and diarrhoea are also symptoms of dengue.

Swine flu symptoms

Swine flu is a contagious disease. It is caused by the H-1N-1 virus. Cases of swine flu are increasing in the country’s capital Delhi and West Bengal. Doctors say that due to swine flu, the patient frequently coughs and sneezes. A high fever is accompanied by a sore throat. Sometimes fever comes with chills and fatigue persists. Cover your mouth while coughing and sneezing, wash your hands thoroughly before eating, wear a mask, and avoid going to crowded places to avoid swine flu.

Zika virus dangerous for pregnant women

Zika virus is caused by the bite of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. Many people do not show symptoms of this disease or show only mild symptoms. However, Zika virus infection during pregnancy can cause many disorders in the baby. Therefore, there is a need to be cautious with this disease. What are the symptoms of the Zika virus? High fever, feeling of discomfort in the eyes, pain and weakness in the joints of the body.

Zika havoc in UP

30 more cases of Zika virus have been reported in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, taking the number of infected to 66. 30 new cases have been reported from the tests conducted at the Virology Lab of King George’s Medical University (KGMU) in Lucknow and the National Institute of Virology in Pune. This is the biggest single-day jump in infections since the first case of the virus was reported in the city on 23 October.


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