In this time of the corona epidemic, you should follow these home remedies to avoid diseases

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Health News: Due to Corona infection, people across the country are doing everything to strengthen immunity. In the second wave of Corona, many people have been hit. Talking about the past months till now, every day records patients are being found. The death toll is also not decreasing. Apart from this, due to rapid changes in the weather, problems like cough, sore throat are also happening. In such a situation, it is very important to keep the immunity system strong. We are going to tell you about some home remedies for immunity, which can be easily prepared and used in the diet at home.


The use of decoction has been reported in Ayurveda to prevent corona infection. To make the decoction, things like long, black pepper, ginger and liquorice are used in hot-stuffing. Which produces heat in the body. Drinking decoction every day keeps the immunity system strong.

Eating green vegetables in food

More and more green vegetables should be consumed, not only for the coronary period. Because green vegetables are very beneficial to keep yourself safe. Vitamin and calcium are highly found in green vegetables. Among green vegetables, guar beans, spinach and bathua are vegetables that do not contain chemical food.

Keep yourself healthy with Yoga

Doing yoga regularly is very beneficial for health. Because yoga, meditation and pranayama are better solutions for the immunity system. Doing yoga for half of an hour in the morning every day will strengthen your body’s immunity. Therefore, yoga is very important to keep the immunity strong during the coronary period.

Include them in food

Start making healthy food for immunity. Use cumin, garlic, turmeric and coriander in addition to dairy products in food. You can also drink turmeric mixed with milk. By using it, the immunity of the body is strengthened and the immunity of the body also increases. Neem is also a better option to keep immunity strong. Consuming neem leaves does not cause diseases in the body. Not only the leaves of neem but its stem, bark, root and raw fruits are all rich in medicinal properties. In such a situation, by chewing 4 leaves of neem on an empty stomach every morning, you can avoid which diseases. So if you also use neem every day since morning then it will be very beneficial for your health.


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