If you have trouble running, then take a sauna or hot bath, you will get the benefit of a workout

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New Delhi: Anyway, even for people like me, exercising or exercising is not always fun. I have to exhaust myself and be restless, in the hope that I will be fit and healthy. Surely spending time in a hot bath or sauna — a far more attractive option — cannot be compared? This is the question to which I have devoted myself to find the answer and the indications so far are promising.

People rightly say exercise is medicine and people consider it to be the best way to stay healthy even though medicines do not work unless you are ready to take them. Although exercise is also difficult to follow as a regular activity, many people are not ready to exercise due to a lack of time and motivation. And for those who are older or who have chronic illnesses, exercise can also cause pain, which further limits exercise for obvious reasons.

Globally, approximately 25% of adults do not meet the minimum recommended physical activity levels of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity or 75 minutes of high-intensity activity per week or a combination of both. The figures in the UK are worse, with almost 34% of males and 42% of females not adhering to these guidelines. Sadly, this type of lazy and non-exercise behaviour is linked to approximately 11.6% of deaths annually in the UK.

In a world where many of us are doing nine to five office jobs and our daily tasks can be completed with just the push of a button, it is easy to know that modernization of societies has led us to such lazy and sedentary behaviour Why have you arrived. There is an urgent need to find alternative measures to improve health that people are willing to follow.

To find such a solution, I tried to find out how hot baths and saunas affect the body. Throughout human history, many cultures worldwide have used heat therapy to improve health. But until recently, the benefits of bathing were not practical and were largely viewed as unscientific. However, evidence has been increasing over the past few decades and today we know that regular bathing in a sauna or hot tub can help reduce the risk of heart disease – and may also have broader health benefits.

Our recent review of research found that taking a regular sauna or hot tub bath can provide similar health benefits such as low to moderate-intensity aerobic exercises such as walking, walking, and cycling. At first glance, it may seem irrational to compare a hot bath or sauna to running or exercising — after all, hot baths are considered relaxing and exhausting the sauna — but they are more similar than you think.

Next time you are in a hot tub, bath or sauna, take a little time to listen to your body with a little ear. You will have a pleasant feeling of heat in the beginning, which increases your body temperature and you will start feeling hot and sweaty. With this, the heart rate will increase slightly. Did not seem to know anything. Yes – it is the same thing in the right workout or exercise.


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