If you are troubled with problem of shortness of breath, then start this home remedy

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New Delhi: Breathing starts to run for a while or while doing some work. So this problem can be dangerous for you. Many people have such a problem. Ascending the stairs, getting down, doing any small work, or going to go a little somewhere, the breath starts to swell. In such a situation, it is very important to take care of your health.

Many people face this type of problem. Because this problem is due to obesity for many people, many can be due to asthma, heart disease, cancer, TV, weakness or other reasons. But it should be paid attention to time and it should be done by your checkup. Along with this, we are also telling you some home remedies.

People, who do little activity as soon as they start breathing. So they should take a deep breath through the stomach. Lie down, put both your hands on the stomach and take a deep breath through your nose, then try to fill the air in your lungs by inflating the stomach. After this, breathe through the mouth and expel the lungs air. This process should be done for 10 minutes. This will gradually bring relief to you.

People who have trouble breathing. It is very beneficial for them. Because caffeine relaxes the muscles in the windpipe. In such a situation, you will consume a lot. Then it will be beneficial for you.

Consuming ginger is very beneficial for the body. It strengthens your immunity as well as helps to fight the bacteria that produce bacteria in your windpipe.

You have breathing problems. So you should stop smoking or drinking and also you should do some such exercises. So that your respiratory system is strong.

We have given this remedy based on general information. But if you have trouble breathing. So you should consult a doctor as well. After this, you should do yoga pranayama after consulting a trained yoga guru so that you can get relief from this problem.


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