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Sbi to recruit 14000 people this year

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New Delhi: If you are unhappy about leaving a job in the coronary period or are looking for a new job, then there is a big chance for you. The country’s largest bank SBI is going to remove bumper recruitment soon, in which around 14 thousand people will get their dream of getting a job in the bank.

The staff of 2.50 lakh people
State Bank of India (SBI) has said that at present it has a staff of about 2.50 lakh people and this year there will be 14,000 recruits. This recruitment will be for almost every post. The bank will soon issue advertisements to start the process of inviting applications for this recruitment.

30 thousand employees will take advantage of the VRS scheme
About 30,190 employees of the bank are eligible under this scheme. At present (until March 2020) the total number of employees in SBI is 2.49 lakhs, which was 2.57 lakhs a year ago. According to sources, the bank has drafted the VRS scheme and is awaiting the approval of the board of directors. The proposed scheme ‘Second Shift Tap VRS – 2020’ aims to reduce the cost of the bank and maximize human resource utilization. This scheme is for all permanent employees who have spent 25 years working with the bank or whose age is 55 years.

11,565 officers and 18,625 employees working in the bank will be eligible for the scheme
The scheme will open on December 1 and will be available till February. After that VRS applications will not be accepted. As per the proposed eligibility conditions, 11,565 officers and 18,625 employees working in the bank will be eligible for the scheme. The bank said that if 30 per cent of the estimated eligible people opted for the scheme, then the bank will have a net saving of Rs 1,662.86 crore as per the salary of July 2020.

Workers will get these many benefits
The employees choosing the scheme will be paid a lump sum of 50 per cent of the remaining tenure or whatever will be less of the total salary in the last 18 months. Apart from this, they will also get facilities like gratuity, pension, provident fund and medical benefits. However, bank unions are not in favour of the proposed VRS scheme. Ashwani Rana, vice-president of the National Organization of Bank Workers, said that at a time when the country is in the grip of the Covid-19 epidemic, the move reflects the anti-worker attitude of management.



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