Corona: Taxi journey will not be easy, these things will be necessary with money in the pocket

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New Delhi: In the national capital Delhi, if you are roaming without a mask, then your challan of 2000 rupees is sure to be cut. But now it will be difficult to get an auto and taxi without a mask. This decision of the Taxi Association on Wednesday surprised everyone. According to which it will now be compulsory to have a face mask with money in the pocket to sit in the taxi.

Delhi Auto and Taxi Association has decided
Actually, until the Corona Vaccine arrives, the face mask is the only way to prevent the epidemic. Therefore, the Delhi government is taking a challan of Rs 2000 strictly against those who do not wear masks. Due to making people aware of masks, Delhi Taxi Association has also taken a unique initiative. They have decided that now the riding masks which will not be installed will not be allowed to sit in the auto or taxi. Also, removing masks during the journey will be banned.

You have to take off the mask while sitting in a taxi and have to take a ‘walk’
President of Delhi Taxi Tourist Association, Sanjay Samrat told, ‘In Delhi, we are seeing so many cases of Corona are increasing. It is our responsibility to protect people and ourselves from this epidemic. If a ride does not wear a mask, we will not seat it in a taxi. At the same time, if someone takes down or removes the mask during the journey in the taxi, then he will be given a warning first, or if he does not agree, he will be removed in a middle way. We cannot take any risk.

There will be damage, but less than the money spent on corona treatment
At the same time, Delhi Auto Association General Secretary Rajendra Soni says that we will suffer loss without riding a mask, but a bigger loss is for the country. Not much money we will earn from here, more than that will be spent in the treatment of corona. We cannot play with people’s safety. Therefore, with the consent of all, we have implemented the rule.

People gave such reactions
Talking to the passengers sitting in the auto taxi, they told that before being seated, all the information is being told that they keep the mask on top and do not remove the mask on the way. Let us tell that after the strict steps of the government, there has been a decrease in the number of people who do not apply masks. But there are still many people who are not taking it seriously. For them, this step has been taken by Auto Taxi Association. And this is expected to improve further in Corona’s affairs.


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