Wheat milling is being done with the exercise, see an amazing invention in the video


    New Delhi: Don’t know about other countries, but Indians have mastered and many things are done on the basis of uses limited resources in an innovative way. There is nothing better in the world than a flexible approach to solving a problem. During the Corona era, the atmosphere has also become such that one more desi innovation is coming out. Most of the things are closed due to lockdown and in such a situation many works are being done through their own innovation. Meanwhile, a video of Desi invention is also becoming quite viral on social media.

    Grinding wheat with a workout
    In this viral video, it can be seen that a woman is grinding wheat from a gym cycle. IAS officer Awanish Sharan has shared this very unique video on social media. While sharing the video, Avnish wrote in the caption, ‘Awesome invention’, work and exercise too. The commentary is also fantastic.

    Benefits of home gym mentioned in the commentary
    At the beginning of this video, a woman is riding a bicycle. This bicycle is not a common bicycle but a special bicycle with the gym. The woman who shot the video is telling about this bicycle in the commentary first, but also how wheat can be brewed at home with the help of it. The woman said, ‘This is a small gym, which you can also set up at home. According to the woman, this workout is very beneficial for the body. With this, you exercise, lose weight and also grind wheat on your own. Then make fresh flour bread. Anyone can run it very comfortably.

    This bicycle is very special
    In this gym machine, a system is made like a mill to keep grains on one side. By hitting the pedal in the cycle, the mill starts moving and the wheat starts grinding. There is also a pot for wheat in which the flour is falling.


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