Agra’s ‘Roti Wali Amma’ has the same story as ‘Baba ka Dhaba’, but the challenges are more

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    Agra: ‘Roti Wali Amma’, which feeds people on the roadside in Agra, is upset these days. Actually, the husband of Bhagwan Devi has passed away and her two sons do not keep the mother with them. Therefore, Amma lives by filling the stomach of others to fill her stomach. But due to non-arrival of customers during the Corona period, which has been continuing for 7 months, her work has been destroyed.

    Video viral, but she did not get the benefit
    Although Amma’s video has also gone viral it did not have much effect. Amma feeds people pulses, vegetables, rice and roti for 20 rupees and lives her life on this earning. Amma has been doing this work for the last about 14-15 years. They used to come with labourers and rickshaws to eat food, but due to the epidemic, the number of customers has reduced greatly.

    Amma’s troubles do not end here. Amma is also removed due to roadside work. Roti wali Amma says that no one is supporting me. Repeatedly removed from the place, where would I go, if I found a shop somewhere, I would have run my job well.


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