Would love to do a Bollywood film: Dwayne Johsnon

Dwayne Johsnon. (Source: Twitter)
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Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson has revealed that he wishes to work in a Bollywood film.

“I would love that (do a Bollywood film). I’ve always said that. I would love to figure out whatever the pathway is. I’ve felt there should be some more connective tissue between Hollywood and Bollywood. Especially when so many of our releases are not just theatrical, but they are on streaming platforms as well, where there’s so much more opportunity. There has to be a way to converge.”

He said, “There were a couple of tours in which we were planning to go to India during my professional wrestling days, but it fell through for whatever reason. I was looking forward to that because my friends – The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin – would come back from India and say you must go there because we had the greatest time and the crowd was crazy.”


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