Will Rhea’s lie be exposed? CBI can ask these 30 questions to Sushant’s sister today

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Mumbai: In the case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, CBI is going to interrogate Rhea Chakraborty for the fourth time today, for which Rhea has left his house for DRDO guest house. Also, the CBI team will also interrogate Sushant Singh’s sister Meetu Singh, for which the CBI had also sent a summon to Meetu. According to sources, today Meetu Singh and Rhea Chakraborty can be questioned face to face. There may be questions from some other people related to this case as well. At the same time, according to information received from sources, the CBI can ask 30 questions to Sushant’s sister Meetu Singh today. Now the question is whether the answer to these 30 questions will expose Rhea’s lies?

CBI can ask these 30 questions to Meetu Singh

  1. What was the reason for Sushant calling you to his house on 8 June?
  2. Who was there when you reached home and what was the atmosphere of the house?
  3. Did Sushant or any member of the house, including Pithani, tell you that Rhea had left the house some time ago?
  4. Did any of them tell you about any dispute with Sushant and Rhea?
  5. Did you know that Sushant was suffering from mental discomfort for the last few days?
  6. Have you been informed about which medicines Sushant takes for relief?
  7. From 8 June to 13 June, what was your conversation with Sushant and the other members of the house?
  8. Did anything happen to your Rhea from June 8 to June 13?
  9. Did you see any attempt to contact Sushant with Rhea?
  10. During this, what did Sushant mention about Rhea?
  11. Was Sushant upset over Rhea’s departure?
  12. During this time have you ever seen Sushant under mental stress or taking any medicines?
  13. Meanwhile, did you have Sushant talk to someone in your family?
  14. Did Sushant ever drink or smoke in front of you?
  15. Sushant was also accused of using drugs, what do you have to say about this?
  16. What was the atmosphere at Sushant’s house before returning to his house on 13 June?
  17. What was Sushant’s last conversation with you while leaving?
  18. Did you have any conversation with Sushant, Rhea or any member of the household even after returning home?
  19. Did you feel at that time that Sushant could take any major step like suicide in the next few hours?
  20. On the morning of June 14, Sushant did not pick up your phone, why did you suspect that you immediately called Siddharth Pithani?
  21. That is why on June 14, Sushant is not opening the door, did not any member of the house call you himself?
  22. Did you advise Pithani to call the key seller or break the door?
  23. After this, who was the first to tell you about Sushant’s death?
  24. Who was there when you reached Sushant’s house, what was the scene of Sushant’s bedroom?
  25. Who called the police and ambulance and when?
  26. Why did you go to Cooper Hospital with Sandeep Singh?
  27. Do you know Sandeep Singh? Were they really friends with Sushant?
  28. Why do you see any conspiracy behind Sushant’s death?
  29. Why do you suspect Rhea Chakraborty responsible for Sushant’s suicide?
  30. Do you have any doubt about the role of anyone other than Rhea? If yes, why?

Rhea has been questioned for 27 hours so far
In the Sushant Singh case, on Sunday, the CBI team questioned Rhea Chakraborty for 9 hours in the DRDO guest house. According to the sources, during this period, talks were held between 1 June 2020 to 14 June 2020 from Rhea. On 8 June, Rhea Chakraborty left Sushant Singh’s flat and also blocked Sushant Singh’s mobile number. Earlier, CBI had questioned Rhea for 10 hours on Friday, while on Saturday, she had questioned him continuously for 7 hours. In this way, Rhea Chakraborty has been questioned by the CBI team for 26 hours in total.



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