When Jacqueline Fernandez became a victim of Wardrobe Malfunction, Sonam Kapoor saved her from shame

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New Delhi: The beauties of Beetown continue to discuss their fashion sense. On the red carpet, these actresses are at different levels. For the red carpet, every actress designs clothes of her choice from her favourite designer. These outfits are also very expensive. From their fitting to their length, a lot of care is taken. Even after all the preparations, sometimes the actress falls victim to Wardrobe Malfunction and has to face Oops Moment. This has also happened to Jacqueline Fernandez once.

This happened on award night

This happened to Jacqueline Fernandez during an award night with Oops Moment. Jacqueline wore a black body fitted outfit to flaunt her perfect figure. In this attire, transit cloth was used somewhere. Her dress looked very good on the actress. With this, she applied red lipstick. Also, kept your hair open on one side. At a glance, no one could know that there was any problem with Jacqueline’s outfit.

Sonam saved Jacqueline’s from shame

It was during this event that Jacqueline Fernandez’s good friend Sonam Kapoor arrived. She looked at the back of the actress when she saw that the back buttons of the actress were open. After that, she took over the situation immediately. Sonam put Jacqueline’s buttons and both of them took oops moment by making a funny face towards the media. This did not make this moment more serious and Jacqueline also did not become nervous.

People also appreciated Sonam Kapoor’s move. At the same time, Jacqueline (Jacqueline Fernandez) felt comfortable with Sonam doing this. Let me tell, both are very good friends and both of them have very good fashion sense.


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