What did Swara Bhasker say about the Taliban that there is a demand for arrest?

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New Delhi: Given the current situation in Afghanistan, the world has expressed concern over it. From celebrities to the common man, everyone is giving their feedback about this. Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar also recently gave her reaction to this. However, people did not like what Swara Bhaskar wrote and the hashtag #ArrestSwaraBhasker trended on Twitter.

Demand For Arrest

Not only this, an online complaint has been lodged against Swara Bhaskar in UP. Advocate Kalpana Srivastava gave this information on her Twitter handle after registering the e-complaint. Actress Swara Bhaskar, who remains in controversies every day, is seen once again embroiled in controversies after this whole incident.

What did Swara Bhaskar say?

Swara Bhaskar has been accused of comparing Taliban terrorists with Hindutva through a tweet. She wrote in her tweet, ‘We cannot be at ease with the terror being spread by the Taliban and the terror being spread by Hindutva. We may not even be comfortable with the terror being spread by the Taliban, and then maybe angered by the terror spread by Hindutva.’

People Trolled Fiercely

Swara Bhaskar wrote, ‘Our human and moral values ​​should not be based on the identity of the oppressor or the oppressed.’ She has been trolled fiercely on this tweet of the actress. Not only this, but her tweet is also the reason behind the complaint lodged against her. One user wrote – Please support this trend and retweet Arrest Swara Bhaskar.

People are Demanding Her Arrest

After this, where many people have slandered Swara Bhaskar’s tweet, many people have retweeted her tweet by the name of Arrest Swara Bhaskar. People have expressed their displeasure over the actress through social media.


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