VIDEO: Mika Singh and Rakhi Sawant’s ‘friendship’ rose again after 15 years, the actress touched the singer’s feet

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Mumbai: Mika Singh and Rakhi Sawant have recently appeared together after a 15-year battle. The two met outside a coffee shop in Mumbai on Wednesday. Both of them not only apologized but also praised each other’s work.

While Mika praised Rakhi’s performance in the reality show Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi praised her for all the charity work she did. Rakhi was talking to the paparazzi when Mika came to him. As the photographers started cheering for them, they hugged each other. Micah said that he was passing by here, but he stopped and thought to say hello to Rakhi. He said, “If Bigg Boss is gone, then because of Rakhi.” At this, she leaned slightly to touch his feet. Rakhi tells the paparazzi how Mika has worked to bring relief to the people in covid-19.

Friends, I want to say something to the citizens of this country, that whenever there is an epidemic or flood, these ‘Singh is Kings’ have the biggest hearts. They work for everyone, like you (Mika) We do.” Significantly, in 2006, at Mika’s birthday party, he kissed Rakhi with disagreement. They were forbidding everyone to put a cake on their face. But when Rakhi did the same way, she forcefully started kissing them. Let me tell you that Mika was also arrested on the charge of molestation but was later released on bail.


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