Today is the confluence of extraordinary planets, this special appeal by the sister for the justice of Sushant

Sushant with his sister Kirti (Source Twitter)

New Delhi: The only brother of 4 sisters, Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput said goodbye to this world at the age of 34. The sisters’ tears do not stop, but they have taken a vow that they will protect the truth and will ensure justice to their brother. To bring justice to Sushant, his sister Shweta Singh Kirti constantly shares posts on social media for her younger brother.

On Sunday, she has posted another on her Instagram account and has made a special appeal to the people. She has written on her Insta post, ‘The confluence of an extraordinary planet is likely to happen between 10.45 am and 12 noon on 13/9/2020 today. Most of the major planets will be in their own homes. This is a very auspicious period or Muhurta (between 10.45 to 12 noon) for anything.’

She further wrote, ‘It is believed that this constellation happened at the time of Shri Ramji’s birth. Any person can use this period to pray for the attainment of their desires. All can invite Navakar Mantra, Aditya Hridayam, Hanuman Chalisa, Narayana Kavachram, Rama Raksha Stotra or any other favourite hymn from the point of view of surrender to their Ishta Devta. This astronomical event will happen again after 250 years. Use this extra common astrological confluence! Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya. So we can use this period to pray for the justice of Sushant.’


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