The trailer of Vidya Balan’s film Sherni released, but this ‘cheat’ has happened with the fans!

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New Delhi: The trailer of Bollywood actress Vidya Balan’s much-awaited film Sherni has been released on Wednesday. This trailer of 2 minutes 26 seconds has been released on the official YouTube channel of Amazon Prime Video. In the film, Vidya Balan will be seen in the role of a strong forest officer. The trailer also shows a strong woman in the role of Vidya.

How is the trailer of the film?

The trailer of the film gives a rough idea about the story. The story of the film is about a tiger reserve where a tiger has become a man-eater. The people of the area and the surrounding villages are upset and in such a situation, a woman officer is appointed here to handle the matter. Vidya is very serious about her work and takes care of it wholeheartedly.

What is Vidya Balan’s challenge?

However, their efforts come in the way of the male-dominated thinking of the people working there and to some extent the atmosphere of the village. How does Vidya Balan handle this whole situation and what will happen to that man-eating tiger, this is the story of the film. As far as the release of this film is concerned, it will be released on June 18 on the video streaming portal Amazon Prime.

Where did the fans get cheated?

Although the trailer of the film is quite strong, there is one thing due to which many viewers will feel cheated after watching this trailer. Actually, the title of the film is Sherni and the story of this film is about a forest officer. Not only this, the entire film is woven around a tiger reserve. But you do not get to see any tiger or lion anywhere in the entire trailer.


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