The Family Man 2: Tamil users angry over Samantha, why there was a ruckus on the trailer?

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New Delhi: People of the web series ‘The Family Man 2’ have been waiting for a long time, its trailer was released on Wednesday, which went viral quite quickly as soon as it was released. People watched it millions of times in a few hours. But shortly after the release, the social media environment is different, the trailer of ‘The Family Man 2’ (The Family Man 2 Trailer) is being trolled. People are telling this against Tamil. The reason for this is being told to South Superstar Samantha Akkineni.

Recently, the trailer of the series has been released, but there seems to be a controversy in the controversies as soon as the trailer is released. People are trolling it on social media with # FamilyMan2_against_Tamils. There are a lot of negative reactions on Twitter about this. The people of South India have objected to the villainous character of Samantha Akkineni, hence trending #FamilyMan2_against_Tamils ​​on Twitter.

ISIS told Tamil rebels

After watching this trailer, Tamil people have called it a false image-maker. Because in this series, Tamils ​​are being presented as terrorists. People say that in the series, the Tamil rebels fighting for their rights in Sri Lanka have been shown here by linking them with the terrorist organization ISIS.

This is how people vented anger
People’s anger is clearly visible on Twitter about this. People have written in the comment here that intentionally showing the image of Tamil is wrong, but neither history can be changed nor can be erased. Someone else said, ‘Tamil people have always fought for rights and now Amazon should be unsubscribed’. Not only this, but people are also blaming apartheid on this series.

Samantha Akkineni also became a victim of anger

In this case, no one is the victim of people’s anger, but the daughter-in-law of Nargajun and the superstar of South Industry, Samantha Akkineni. People are also talking about going down the graph of Samantha’s career.

What is LTTE

Let us tell you that LTTE is a party that talks for the rights of Tamils. Its full form is the Liberation of Tamil Tigers Eelam. They are also called Tamil Tigers. Outside the country, LTTE is also very active in Sri Lanka, which is known as a separatist organization in Jaffna. They aim to establish an independent Tamil state in Sri Lanka.


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