Taarak Mehta: Munmun Dutta first lashed out at the media on the news of the affair, now deleted the post

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New Delhi: Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah is a favourite show in every household. This show has been entertaining people for 13 years. All the actors of this show have made their special place in the hearts of the people. ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ has a long star cast and everyone is very active on social media. Fans discover something new about them on social media every day. In such a situation, we have brought information related to the important character of the show for you. This character is none other than Babita Ji i.e. Munmun Dutta.

The news went viral

Recently, news came out that Munmun Dutta is dating Raj Anadkat. For a long time, Instagram posts and comments of Raj and Munmun Dutta were pointing towards this. Social media users often used to ask Raj’s comments on Munmun’s pictures and asked what was going on between the two. In the midst of these speculations, there were reports of dating of both, which was not confirmed.

Munmun had expressed anger

As soon as this news went viral, Munmun Dutta and Raj Anadkat expressed their displeasure over this. Both Raj and Munmun had slammed the media by posting social media and had termed the news spreading about their relationship as wrong. Munmun had said a lot in a long post, but now Munmun has deleted these social media posts.

The reason for deleting the post was not revealed

Munmun Dutta has deleted this social media post even before the completion of 24 hours. He has not told what is the reason for this, but he has removed this post from social media.

Munmun was furious at the media

‘Babita Ji i.e. Munmun Dutta shared two posts one after the other. Munmun had written, ‘Media and their ‘journalists’ with zero credibility, who has given you the right to post imaginary things about someone’s personal life, that too without their consent, can you tell them by your careless behaviour? Are you liable for loss of life? You don’t stop showing your camera at a funeral to the face of a bereaved woman who lost her love or lost her son. You can fall to any level to create sensational articles/titles at the cost of someone’s dignity, but are you going to take the responsibility of wreaking havoc in their life?? If not then you should be ashamed of yourself.

‘Shame on being called India’s daughter’

Munmun Dutta wrote in another post, ‘There were more expectations from you than the general public. But the way so-called ‘literate’ people have spread filth by commenting on social media posts, proves how regressive society we are. Women are constantly shamed because of age. After becoming a mother, one is shamed, even shamed by being called a slut. Whether your humour drives someone to the brink of a mental breakdown is not your concern. I have been entertaining people for 13 years and none of you took 13 minutes to break my dignity. So the next time someone is medically depressed or motivated to take their own life, stop and think whether it was your words that brought that person to that point. The shame of calling myself the daughter of India today.

The age gap of 9 years in both

Let us tell you, Raj Anadkat is 24 years old and Munmun Dutta is 9 years older than him. Munmun has recently returned to the show after a two-month vacation. At the same time, Raj has been a part of the show continuously. Both are very active on social media.


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