Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case: Center approves CBI investigation

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Patna: In the Sushant Singh Rajput case, the state government had recommended a CBI inquiry from the Center. Now the Center has also approved it. The Central Government has approved the recommendation of the CBI investigation of the Bihar government and has also informed the Supreme Court. Now the matter is pending with the court.

On this matter, Justice Roy of the Supreme Court said that Sushant was a talented artist and he died in an unusual situation. Whether there is any criminality involved in this is a matter of investigation.

He said that everyone is looking at it as a high profile case but we will follow the law. The Supreme Court said that the Maharashtra government should answer for the CBI investigation. We will decide who will investigate the matter.

The Supreme Court was also informed that interim protection was sought from the Supreme Court on behalf of Riya. Which is opposed by Sushant’s father. Said Riya should not be relieved in any way.

The Supreme Court said that quarantining a Bihar police officer does not give the right message. That too when media is interested in the case. The Maharashtra government should ensure that everything is done in a professional manner.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, appearing for the Central Government, said that one side wants the Bihar Police to investigate, one side wants the Mumbai Police to investigate. In such a situation, the Center will investigate itself so that no evidence is destroyed.

Tushar Mehta said that now the CBI has been entrusted with the investigation of the case. So now Maharashtra Police should not do anything because it will come under the purview of destroying the evidence. The Supreme Court said that the Maharashtra government should satisfy the court by filing a reason that they have done profession work in this matter.

Maharashtra government lawyer said that the action of Bihar Police is inspired by politics. Only Mumbai Police can investigate under CRPC. The Maharashtra government opposed the CBI investigation.

However, in this case, the advocate of Sushant’s father argued that the person who had taken down Sushant’s body (by hanging), Mumbai Police allowed him to go to Hyderabad.

After this, the Supreme Court said that we want to know what the Mumbai Police has done in this case so far?

The Supreme Court asked all the parties to reply in three days. It also said that the Maharashtragovernment will have to report the progress of the investigation. The case will be heard next week.

Let me tell you that Sushant’s father had filed a case in Rajiv Nagar police station recently. After this, the team of Bihar Police is investigating the Sushant case. But the team of Bihar Police, which was going to work under the direction of IPS officer Vinay Tiwari, is being repeatedly disturbed by the Mumbai Police. Even SP Vinay Tiwari has been quarantined.
Given this, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had recommended a CBI inquiry from the Center.


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