Sushant Singh Rajput was not murdered, he committed suicide: AIIMS

Sushant Singh Rajput. (Source; Twitter)

New Delhi: The date of 14 June 2020 when the body of actor Sushant Singh Rajput was recovered from his house in Mumbai. Today it has been 112 days since Sushant Singh’s death. Meanwhile, the report of AIIMS, the country’s largest medical institute, has come out on the death of Sushant Singh.

AIIMS report dismisses the theory of murder
The AIIMS report has dismissed the murder of Sushant. Earlier on September 29, the investigation report of Sushant Singh’s viscera was revealed. That report also rejected the claim of poisoning Sushant Singh. After the report came out, the gang that claimed Sushant Singh’s suicide was definitely exposed, but the question remains as to who instigated Sushant Singh to commit suicide and who implicated him in the drugs trap?

Sushant’s father accused Rhea of murder
Separate theory, which has been going on for the last three months, about the death of Sushant Singh, will now be stopped. The AIIMS report has rejected all the theory being spread about Sushant’s death. After the death of Sushant, it was constantly being feared that Sushant was killed, he could not commit suicide. Allegations were being made that Sushant was poisoned. The apprehension of this thing was further increased when Sushant’s father accused Rhea Chakraborty of poisoning him.

AIIMS team investigated each aspect
After this, when the CBI took charge of the investigation, a committee of Delhi AIIMS was formed to investigate Sushant’s viscera report. This committee not only investigated the viscera report but also inspected the place of suicide. The five-member forensic team of AIIMS investigated each aspect continuously for several weeks. According to the report that came after that, Sushant was not killed but he committed suicide. Earlier, AIIMS had also investigated Sushant Singh’s viscera.

Poison was not found even in viscera report
The AIIMS investigation found no poison in Sushant’s viscera. The matter of poisoning Sushant has also been rejected. The CBI started an investigation into Sushant Singh’s death from 21 August. At the behest of the CBI, Delhi AIIMS examined Sushant Singh’s medical report and viscera. AIIMS has rejected the theory of poisoning and murder in its investigation, in such a case, this report will help the CBI in further investigation.

Mumbai Police patted its back
AIIMS report will prove to be a very important link in Sushant Singh’s death case. Before the CBI investigation, Mumbai Police was investigating the Sushant Singh case. After the AIIMS report came out, now the Mumbai Police is also saying that the direction of investigation of Sushant Singh’s death was right.

Sushant’s close aides waiting for CBI statement
On the AIIMS inquiry report that does not consider Sushant Singh’s death as murder, the close of Sushant Singh is awaiting the official CBI statement. At the same time, after the report of AIIMS, Rhea Chakraborty’s lawyer Satish Manashinde expressed happiness. Manshinde said that we had always said that the truth cannot be changed.

Maharashtra Home Minister expressed satisfaction over the investigation
Many questions were also raised on the Maharashtra government in the Sushant Singh case. Now that the AIIMS report has said that Sushant Singh’s death is a suicide, the response of Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has also come. Anil Deshmukh said that his government had done the right investigation and this has been confirmed by the AIIMS report. We are currently waiting for the final report of the CBI.

Will these questions be answered?
However, it is too early to say anything in this matter because so far neither an official statement has come from AIIMS nor the CBI has said anything in this matter. At the same time, there are still many questions about the death of Sushant Singh. The country wants to know why Sushant Singh committed suicide. Why did Sushant Singh have to commit suicide? Did anyone provoke Sushant Singh to commit suicide?

CBI investigation is going on on this theory
Many theories were given in the case of Sushant Singh’s death. From nepotism to the mental illness of Sushant Singh. See also what came out in the investigation on those theories.

Theory number 1
Expulsion their initial investigation revealed nothing

Theory number 2
Theory of nepotism in Bollywood
Initial investigation revealed nothing

Theory number 3
Sushant’s theory of money tightness
The matter of money strait turned out to be false

Theory number 4
Sushant’s theory of mental illness
No facts revealed yet

Theory number 5
Theory of killing of Sushant
Aims rejected the theory of murder


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