Sushant Case EXCLUSIVE: bank details that will open many layers of this case


New Delhi: In the suicide case of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Zee News is continuously making shocking revelations. Those bank details related to Sushant Singh case are now in our hands, which will open many layers of this case. From this bank details, it will be known how much money Sushant spent before his death. Sushant’s pie-pie is accounted for in this.

Spending of 40 thousand for ‘Chichhore’ party
There is evidence in these bank details that on March 28, 2019, a film party was held at Sushant’s Pawana Farm House. On March 28, information about 40 thousand expenses for Pavana ‘Chichhore’ party can be seen.

Another actress’s name may come after Sara
Apart from this, NCB sources have also claimed that drugs were used in this party. In this party itself, a Bollywood actress also consumed drugs. Rhea Chakraborty and Deepesh Shah have revealed the name of the actress in the NCB inquiry. Soon this actress is also going to face difficulties, i.e. after Sarah Ali Khan, this actress is also on the radar of NCB.

Sushant earned a total of 60 crores in his film career
The nominee of this bank account is Priyanka, sister of Sushant. Sushant had earned 60 crores in his entire film career. He had bought a plot of about 3 crores in Malad area in the name of himself and Ankita Lokhande. Till Sushant’s death, there were about two and a half to three crore rupees left in his account.

(Source: Zee News)


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