Supriya Pathak opens up about her bond with step-son Shahid Kapoor

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Mumbai: Actress Supriya Pathak, wife of actor-filmmaker Pankaj Kapoor, has spoken on the relationship with her step-son Shahid Kapoor and his wife and two children. Supriya says that their bond is more than a mother and son. In a recent interview, Supriya said that she was six years old when she first met Shahid.

Supriya’s bond with Shahid

In a conversation with Pinkvilla, Supriya said, ‘We met each other like friends. I was his father’s friend. And that’s how it is … because we’ve never been together. He was someone I always depended on. I love her.
She said that she cannot define the relationship. She does not even want to do that. But he said, “It was something that I believed in.” On the bond with her grandchildren, Misha and Jain, Supriya says that she likes them very much and they are very wonderful children.

Shahid’s wife Mira‘s Bond

Supriya has also praised Shahid’s wife Mira for the way they raise their children. She says that she does not think she is Mira’s mother-in-law. Supriya says, ‘Meera is like my daughter. I feel that I am her good friend, we like to go shopping, lunch and dinner together. So my mind does not have that kind of definitions. I do not see how one should react to these things. ‘

Neelima Azim explained the reason for the break up of the marriage

Recently, Shahid’s mother Neelima Azim said in an interview how her and Pankaj Kapoor’s marriage failed. She also spoke about the breakdown of her second husband Rajesh Khattar. Neelima had told that when she married Pankaj Kapoor for the first time, she was not ready for it. On divorce, it felt like I suddenly fell and my head hit the floor. Perhaps that setback was needed. It made sense that we are ordinary human beings and we can be rejected. It took me about a year and a half to recover from this setback. However, marriage to Rajesh Khattar could have survived. But things happened that they were not in control.


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