Sunny Leone joins hand with PETA to help migrant workers

Sunny Leone
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Mumbai: The entire country is reeling from the second wave of the Corona epidemic. In this epidemic, many Bollywood celebrities are helping people further. Bollywood actress Sunny Leone’s name has also been added to these celebrities. The Bollywood actress has taken on her shoulder a huge responsibility for the migrant labourers.

The Bollywood actress has joined hands with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to help migrant labourers in this Corona crisis. The Bollywood actress will feed 10 thousand migrant labourers in collaboration with PETA. PETA’s official Instagram page shared the information, thanking Sunny for her good attitude. As a part of the campaign, the actress will distribute protein-packed vegetarian food to thousands in need.

Peta said that Sunny Leone is a ray of light! The actress, along with PETA India, will distribute 10,000 protein-packed vegetarian meals to migrant workers in Delhi. Migrants will be distributed dal and rice or ‘khichdi’ in the food with the help of Sunny Leone. Fruit will also be given along with it.

Let me tell you that the actress is often seen raising her voice for cruelty against animals, she was also voted Person of the Year of PETA India in 2016. PETA and Sunny will donate food through the Udaya Foundation.

Significantly, the Bollywood actress shared a beautiful photo of her on social media a few days ago, during which she appealed to her fans to get the vaccine. Which helped the frontline warriors fight against this epidemic.

Explain that apart from Sunny Leone, Bollywood actors Arjun Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Priyanka Chopra and needy messiah Sonu Sood are constantly helping people.

Significantly, many Bollywood celebrities including Karthik Aryan, Katrina Kaif, Akshay Kumar Alia Bhatt have been infected with Corona.


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