Sonu Sood’s girl fan comes with a weird demand to him

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New Delhi: Sonu Sood, who has become the messiah for the Bollywood star and people in lockdown, is very active on social media and much more on Twitter. His tweets come from moment to moment and go viral. With every tweet, Sonu is trying to help people. People also comment on Sonu’s tweet and ask for help from him, to which he also answers there. This has happened once again. A girl has sought help from Sonu, but the girl needs a little different kind of help.

The girl made such demand

Sonu Sood tweeted a tweet. He wrote in this tweet, ‘I am attached to the land, friend. Even if you pull down, I will meet you on the ground only. Now you might be thinking that maybe someone would have asked for help like getting beds, getting oxygen or getting medicines, but you are thinking wrong. In fact, a girl commented on Sonu’s Twitter post and requested him to get her boyfriend. What was it then, the girl demand was fulfilled shortly after.

The special thing is that Sonu Sood did not do anything, nor did he give any reply to the girl, but on Sonu’s post, another boy commented and offered to become a boyfriend in front of the girl. The girl wrote in her comment, ‘Sir Ek Boyfriend Diya Do Please.’ After a while, a boy’s reply came, ‘Yes Madam, Sonu sir has sent me.’ Now the comment of both is becoming very viral and people are commenting that after all the girl demand has been fulfilled.

Sonu is busy helping people

Let me tell you, Sonu Sood is constantly engaged in helping people. Victims and distressed people are also constantly pleading with Sonu. Sonu is also making every effort to help people. One of his videos went viral the previous day. The video was from Andhra Pradesh, where people were bathing Sonu Sood’s picture with milk. By the way, this is not new in Andhra Pradesh. There, the fans often do something special for their favourite stars.


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