Sonu Sood gets the happiness of a hundred crores movie by saving people’s lives, fans show love on Twitter

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New Delhi: Once again the whole country is under the grip of Coronavirus. Every day the number of corona patients is increasing rapidly. Overcoming this dreadful situation has become a major challenge for the government as well. Lockdown has been done in many states. In such a situation, Bollywood celebs have also been troubled by the outbreak of this pandemic (Covid 19 Pandemic). But meanwhile, Sonu Sood has revealed how much happiness he gets in saving people’s lives.

Secret revealed on Twitter

Sonu Sood, who was engaged in helping people in the past year, is now gearing up to defeat Corona once again. Everyone feels how Sonu Sood helps people so much after all. How he brings so much energy, now Sonu has revealed it.

Wrote this tweet

He wrote in the tweet, ‘In the middle of the night, after making numerous calls if u r able to get beds for needy, oxygen for some people n save few lives, I’s million times more satisfying than being a part of any 100cr film. We can’t sleep when people are in front of hospitals waiting for a bed.’

Work did not stop even after being corona positive

Significantly, in the past, Sonu Sood himself had become a victim of Covid 19. But even during this time, he did not stop his righteous work. He kept arranging beds, Remdesivir injections and ventilators etc. in the hospital for the people continuously.


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