Son Babil shares old photographs in memory of father Irrfan khan, wrote- ‘Baba you were right there’


New Delhi: Babil, the elder son of late Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan, recalled some happy moments spent with his father and shared pictures with his father. Babil has shared behind-the-scenes photos of the set of Irrfan Khan’s last released film ‘English Medium’ on Instagram. Babil is seen laughing with his father in the pictures.

Babil is missing his father
While captioning this picture, Babil Khan wrote, ‘I am going to London. One more year. Last time I went around this time and Baba was there then. This time it looks strange. On this post, Irrfan’s wife Sutapa congratulated his son and wished him well. He wrote, ‘Go, Boy. Win the hearts and souls of the people. The scent of the Queen of the Night always shows you the way and you return home safely.’

When Babil asked mother this question
A few days ago Babil shared his pictures and expressed his gratitude to his parents through poetry. He had dedicated this poem to his mother Sutapa Sikadar. The last lines of the poem meant something like this. ‘I was very emotional when I saw my mother crying, I could never win. I will never forget you. Mother my mother tell me, do you love me? Mother my mother, I will do everything for you. With this, Babil wrote a message for Bhai Ayan. He wrote, ‘Brother I love you more than my life.’


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