Shruti Modi’s lawyer’s shocking claim on Sushant said this on drugs


New Delhi: 78 days have passed since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Since his death, there have been frequent new revelations. The CBI is investigating this matter. Meanwhile, now Ashok Saraogi, lawyer of Sushant Singh Rajput’s former manager Shruti Modi, has made a shocking claim. Lawyer Ashok Saraogi has claimed that the late star used to consume drugs and his family knew about it. He said that Sushant had consumed drugs even before meeting Rhea Chakraborty.

Rhea used to take drugs before coming to Sushant’s life!
Ashok Saraogi said, ‘He was a mature man and no one could force him to do anything. He was taking drugs even before entering Rhea’s life. Even his family knew about his habit. He also claimed that Sushant’s drivers Sohail and Cook were Ashok who used to take drugs for the late star.’

This claim was made in relation to father
According to Ashok Saraogi, Sushant did not have a good relationship with his father KK Singh. He said that Sushant hardly talked to his father about anything. However, every month, he used to send up to Rs 25,000 to his father. Further, Ashok said, “Once Shruti tried to give a message to Sushant’s father, Sushant got angry.”

Disgusting allegations against sister too
Ashok Saraogi further said that Sushant used to host parties sometimes. He said, ‘His sister used to attend parties. One of his sisters is addicted to drinking and smoking. But I do not know if she used to take drugs or not.’

Drugs spoiled the career!
According to Ashok Saraogi, Sushant’s drug habit started affecting his career as well. He claimed that in January 2020, a company wanted him to be its brand ambassador. However, after knowing about his situation, the company cancelled the offer. He said that Sushant was planning to leave the film industry and meanwhile, his family wanted him to come back to Bihar.


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