Shamita Shetty’s tweet on Kangana Ranaut goes viral, people reacted like this


New Delhi: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has opened a front against the Maharashtra government through social media. In fact, the BMC reached Kangana Ranaut’s office with a bulldozer to demolish the illegal structure on 9 September. Upon reaching there, the JCB was vandalized as directed by the BMC. However, later the Bombay High Court ordered a stay on the demolition. Ever since the BMC action, Kangana has been continuously attacking the Maharashtra government.

Found with Shamita Shetty
Shamita Shetty, sister of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has now tweeted and supported Kangana Ranaut. Shamita has tweeted, saying that what Kangana has said, I will not go into her qualities or demerits. They have the freedom to speak, but what happened is shocking and wrong.

She further said that democracy, human/property security is compromised with Goondaism? I am proud to be an Indian and have always felt safe in Mumbai, but now. I am sad. In addition, she has also written the #DeathOfDemocracy in his tweet. After this, people are praising Shamita on social media. So let’s see how users are praising Shamita after this tweet.

There is no money for the renovation of office
On the other hand, Kangana Ranaut had already made it clear through her tweet that she did not have the money to renovate her office demolished by BMC and as such, she would continue to work from the same ruins in the name of the office.

Kangana’s father is worried
Recently, Kangana shared a video of her family on her social account, which is becoming quite viral, in which her father is looking very worried for the daughter. The video is not from anywhere else but Kangla’s house in Shimla and it has been recorded by the queen herself. In the video, Kangana’s father Amardeep Ranaut is praising the daughter but is explaining to her that she should not mess with such people. Concern for the daughter is evident from the words of Kangana’s father.

The fire of controversy reached Delhi
The fire of the dispute between Kangana and the Maharashtra government has now reached Delhi. People of Delhi took to the streets in support of Kangana Ranaut. The effigy of Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray was burnt in Delhi on Saturday in Delhi against Kangana’s office in Mumbai. Under the Laxmi Nagar metro station in Delhi, people held posters of ‘we support Kangana Ranaut’ in the hands, shouting slogans of ‘Shiv Sena Murdabad and Sanjay Raut Murdabad against the Government of Maharashtra’.


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