Seeing Irrfan Khan’s ‘desolate’ grave, fan taunts wife Sutapa


New Delhi: With the death of actor Irrfan Khan, his fans and close still have not recovered. He died in April this year. He was ill and was battling neuroendocrine tumors. Recently, actor Chandan Roy Sanyal took a picture of his grave and put it on social media, which fans are getting very emotional after seeing it. Irrfan’s fans commented a lot on this photo and remembered him in their own way.

Irfan’s grave is in Versova’s cemetery
Actor Chandan Roy Sanyal posted a photo of Irrfan’s grave on Instagram. He wrote with it that for the last few days, Irrfan Khan was haunted, so he went to his tomb. Chandan wrote that he had taken Rajinigandha and kept the head of his grave. After this, his burden decreased slightly. Irfan was buried in the Muslim cemetery of Versova.

Fan compares curb to the dustbin
In the photos, the condition of Irrfan’s grave is looking bad, on which one of his fans has expressed grief. This fan named Monika Mukherjee has interrupted Irrfan’s wife Sutapa Sikdar. She wrote, ‘Dear Sutapa, recently I have seen a photo of Irrfan Bhai’s grave. My heart was sad because it has been a few months since he was gone and his grave is starting to look like a dustbin. I thought you would have planted the Queen of the Night plant with them because they loved this plant. what has happened? If this photo is true, then it is a shame. If you have any true photo of his grave, please share it.’

Fans happy with Sutapa’s answer
Sutapa Sikdar’s response to the fan’s comment won the hearts of the people. Irrfan’s wife Sutapa Sikdar has given a very beautiful reply to this fan, which people also appreciated.

She wrote in response, “Women are not allowed to go to the cemetery. So I planted the night queen in Igatpuri, where her plaque is also installed. At the same time, I have also given some of his favourite things. That place is mine, where I can sit for hours without any restriction. His spirit is there. But this does not mean that the grave should be left as it is … Wild plants grow in the rain. In the photo you are talking about, I found this wild plant beautiful. The plants grow in the rain and then in the next season they dry up. Then it can be cleaned. Does everything have to be exactly the way it is defined? If you look carefully, you will find that the plants are growing under some purpose”


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