Rhea once again made many allegations against Sushant in her bail petition


Mumbai: The Narcotics Control Bureau, which is investigating the angle of drugs in the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput case, arrested Sushant’s staff Samuel Miranda, Deepesh Sawant and alleged drug peddlers Zaid Vilatra and Abdul Wasit, including Rhea Chakraborty, his brother Showik Chakraborty. On Tuesday, after completing 14 days of judicial custody, Rhea was produced in the court from where she was sent back to jail till October 6. Meanwhile, Rhea had filed a petition in the Mumbai High Court regarding her bail, which was to be heard yesterday. But now this hearing has been postponed.

At the same time, in her bail petition, Rhea once again made many allegations against Sushant. With this, she once again showed her colour. Rhea said in her petition – “Sushant Singh used to take drugs alone and he used to get the drugs from the staff members.”

Had Sushant been alive, he would have been in jail
Not only this, Rhea said- ‘If he was alive today, he would have been accused of consuming small amounts of drugs, which would have been a one-year sentence. Rhea argued- ‘It is very inconsistent that a person who consumes drugs will be sentenced to a maximum of one year, while on some occasions the person giving money for drugs is being sentenced to 20 years.’

NCB accuses them of ‘bad intentions’
Rhea has said in her petition that she is not accused of committing a non-bailable offence. Rhea has said in her plea that the NCB in her investigation has accused those who are totally baseless with ‘bad intentions’, so they should get bail on this basis. She has also said that 3 central agencies are harassing her and may implicate her in some other cases. Rhea has said that the police, CBI and ED have not received anything against her. She has said that the NCB is acting only on the basis of the information given by the ED and they have got a very small amount of narcotics with the arrested people in which bail can be obtained. She has also stated in his petition that NCB cannot crack the real drug syndicate as its main accused are abroad.

Sushant used me, my brother and staff members
In the petition, Rhea said – Sushant Singh Rajput used her, her brother, and his house staff to maintain his drug habits and ensured that their role in it was on any kind of paper trail or electronic evidence. She has also said, ‘It is unfortunate that Sushant Singh Rajput took advantage of those close to him for his drug habits and when it came to trouble, it was right to leave him on his trust’.

Sushant asked for hemp joints from cook Neeraj three days before death
Rhea said- According to the information available in the public domain, Sushant had asked his cook Neeraj to ‘make hemp joints in his bedroom’ three days before his death. Neeraj had told the CBI and Mumbai police that he had made the joints and placed them in a box and placed them in Sushant’s bedroom and ‘when Sushant’s death came to light, he made it clear that the joints had been consumed and the box was empty.’

Why didn’t Sushant’s chat come out
In such a situation, it is clear from the evidence from the investigating agencies that just Sushant Singh Rajput had taken drugs and he had a habit of using people close to him to help in this addiction. ‘Rhea, in her 47-page long bail plea, has again alleged that Sushant’s relationship with his family had deteriorated and his sisters had ‘left him in a state of extreme depression’. Not only this, but Rhea also said how the investigation did not include any WhatsApp chat, email or any message of Sushant Rajput, which could reveal his own role in acquiring drugs etc.


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