Pornography Case: Apart from Hotshots Raj Kundra is associated with at least 4 other adult content apps, reveal Mumbai Police

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After the arrest of Raj Kundra in the porn movies case, some suspicious information is coming to the fore. Mumbai Crime Branch claims that Shilpa Shetty’s husband is the main conspirator in 11 arrests made in the last few months. Now the latest report has made shocking revelations in Raj’s case. Kundra had lured many women into pornography on the pretext of giving them roles in web series. The videos were published on Hotshots. When Hotshots was banned, Kundra also had another app called Bollyfem as a backup.

Now a report has revealed that Raj Kundra is linked to at least four other pornography apps, which are being investigated. “Following the removal of Hotshot from the Apple and Google Play stores, we believe they may have set up some other apps. We are now investigating this,” an investigative officer revealed.

Apart from Raj Kundra, his wife-actress Shilpa Shetty has also been brought under the scanner of the pornography racket case. A statement of his has also been recorded, in which he has denied his involvement. At the same time, he has also claimed that he did not know anything about the company and the apps. However, he said that the content was erotica and not porn.

The team of Mumbai Crime Branch has also come to know about a joint account of Shilpa and Raj during the investigation. During this, the police raided Kundra’s office, where the hard disk and server of some computers installed were seized. It is believed that porn videos were uploaded from here through V Transfer. Apart from this, some other documents have also been confiscated by the police. Police also seized an iPhone and laptop of Kundra. It has been sent to the forensic lab for examination.

After the arrest of Raj in the porn film racket, another new revelation has come to light. Investigation has revealed that Raj has earned more than 10 lakhs several times in a day. Kundra, arrested for making a porn film and publishing it through an online app, is currently in the custody of the Mumbai Police. Some details of his bank account have been made public, analysis of which has revealed that Kundra’s company used to earn between 50 thousand to 10 lakh rupees a day.


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