People are calling this contestant of Bigg Boss 15 ‘mean serpent’, trolled brutally

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New Delhi: In ‘Bigg Boss 15’, there is a lot to see at this time. Contestants (Tejasswi Prakash) are seen fighting a lot among themselves. As time is passing, the true colours of many contestants are coming out. Meanwhile, Tejasswi Prakash, who looked simple in the beginning, had made a lot of headlines, but now as time is passing, people have started calling him ‘mean serpent’.

Misha did not give a gift to Tejasswi

The relationship between ‘Bigg Boss 15′ Misha Iyer and Tejasswi Prakash seems to be changing now. After the captaincy task, Misha and Umar Riaz were to hand over the Diwali gifts sent by the contestants’ families. However, after giving gifts to each contestant, their numbers will decrease. So Misha decided not to give Tejashwi the gift of Diwali, which brought tears to Tejashwi’s eyes. Tejashwi also probably asked for a gift after the task but Misha kept her word and refused.

People did not like Tejasswi

After this Tejasswi Prakash told Misha that she would give fuel to Misha. For this dirty game played by Tejasswi Prakash in Bigg Boss 15, the fans have given him the tag of ‘Selfish Naagin’. In the tweets, people called him mean and dirty for dominating the game. Seeing Tejasswi Prakash’s game, a user predicted and said, ‘She will not even win the show.’ After seeing Tejashwi shed tears after not getting the Diwali gift, the user has called it Karma. One user said that Tejashwi Prakash should remember the time when he treated Vishal Kotian.

Umar Riaz became the captain of the house

One of the netizens tweeted, ‘O Lord Tejasswi Prakash has started looking mean. Tejasswi was seen repeatedly saying in the show that Misha is only because of him. Please tone down the Superiority Complex. According to the latest reports, Umar Riaz has become the new captain of the house.’


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