On reaching Sonu Sood’s house, the woman tied him a rakhi, the actor gave such a reaction on touching the feet

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New Delhi: Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has a lot of fan following. People love them very much. When they get out of the house, there is an influx of people to meet them. Sonu does not run away from all this but instead meets every lover. When Sonu came out of his house on the previous day, a woman came to meet him. The woman wanted to tie a rakhi to Sonu.

Woman tied Rakhi to Sonu

In such a situation, Sonu Sood obeyed the woman and tied Rakhi. After tying a rakhi to Sonu, the woman became happy and started touching Sonu’s feet. Sonu immediately stopped the woman and told them not to do so. Now the video of this entire incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media. People are praising Sonu Sood fiercely, the fans always like Sonu’s style, but this time the way Sonu Sood has explained to the woman by adding her hands, she liked the fans.

Sonu got a job for a young man

A few days ago, Sonu Sood came to meet a young man who told Sonu that he was not getting a job and said that he is looking for a job. What was it then Sonu Sood turned a young man into a phone and told him about getting a job. The troubled man also started crying and was happy and fell at Sonu’s feet. Constantly saying thank you to Sonu. Sonu immediately picked him up and told him not to worry. The video of this too went viral.

Sonu’s picture was bathed with milk

Sonu Sood’s fans keep doing something for him on the day they come and Sonu also likes his fans very much. A few days ago, Sonu Sood’s fans in Andhra Pradesh bathed his picture with milk. All this was done after handing over the oxygen plant at Coonoor in Andhra Pradesh. Later Sonu also requested his fans not to spoil the milk in this way.


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