Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s new release ‘Serious Man’, gives a strong message to society


Mumbai: Actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui says that his film ‘Serious Man’ depicts every aspect of an Indian’s life. It is a film that has the potential to get appreciation from the audience around the world while presenting the ground reality of the country. Directed by Sudhir Mishra, the film is released on Netflix on Friday. The film is based on writer Manu Joseph’s 2010 novel ‘Serious Man’.

In the film, Nawaz plays the role of Ayyan Mani, a Dalit from Tamil Nadu, who challenges the system that has caused atrocities on people over generations. Through this film, caste discrimination and upper-class privileges have been highlighted.

The common man’s story is ‘Serious Man’
Siddiqui said, ‘This is a story of a very common person, in which the image of every Indian is visible. It is a real character, which also has the characteristics found in all. This is the reason why there is familiarity in this role. However, it is difficult to digest the truth hidden in the story of this film. He said that it is not necessary that Mani’s way of fighting the system should be ‘idealistic’ for the good of his family, but he feels that society does not run on idealism.

Nothing idealistic in society
Siddiqui said, ‘We want to see everything fit with ideals, even it is believed that our films also have idealism, in which the protagonist does something great in the end. But nothing idealistic happens in society. This film is based on truth. The novel, film and characters are very local, yet its appeal is global.’


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