Kareena, Sunny Leone’s designer changes gender, Swapnil Shinde named himself as Saisha


New Delhi: Fashion designer Swapnil Shinde of big celebs like Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sunny Leone has suddenly made headlines. The reason for his coming in the headlines is to change his sex. He has revealed himself to be transwoman on social media. Swapnil Shinde has stunned everyone by announcing to become transgender on his social media.

Not only this, but Swapnil Shinde has also changed his name after his physical changes. Swapnil Shinde, who has become a boy to girl, has named his new name Saisha Shinde. While sharing a picture, he has informed about this change. With which he has also written a note.

In the picture, Swapnil looks like a very beautiful girl. In the note shared with it, he told that he has faced much harassment about his sexuality. In the caption of this note, the stylist, explaining the meaning of her name Saisha, wrote, ‘Saisha means a meaningful life. My plan is also to make my life meaningful.

After this, Swapnil Shinde has expressed his happiness in an Instagram story, telling how people will now address him by saying, Mam. By reading this, you can understand how special this moment is going to be for them.

6 years ago have told the truth of being a transwoman
Saisha wrote in her note, ‘I spent many of my years thinking of myself because I was attracted to men. But 6 years ago, I came to know about myself that I am not a transwoman, but not a woman. Then I myself accepted this truth. Now I want to tell you that I am not a gay man, I am a transwoman.’


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