Kapil Sharma wanted to die by drowning in the sea, used to be intoxicated

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New Delhi: There are lakhs of fans of Kapil Sharma, fans of his comedy are in every corner of the country. But bad times come in every person’s life, so even that bad time came in Kapil Sharma’s life and he went on getting entangled in such troubles that even thoughts of suicide started coming into his mind. Kapil Sharma reveals how he had to face many problems due to some bad habits.

Had suicidal thoughts

Kapil Sharma is a star who achieved a lot based on his hard work. But there were many ups and downs in his life and during this time he started thinking of suicide, then Shahrukh Khan became the messiah in his life. They had come and got them out of this trouble. In the bad times of Kapil Sharma, Shah Rukh Khan came as a messiah for him. He disclosed this thing.

Shahrukh helped

Comedian Kapil Sharma had told about the problem of alcohol consumption and anxiety during an interview. He said that Shahrukh Khan had helped to get out of both these difficulties. Kapil had told that he had started consuming alcohol, after which he was constantly falling in his career. But with the help of Shahrukh Khan, he got back on track.

Wanted to jump in the sea

During the film ‘Firangi’, Kapil told that Shahrukh Khan had guided him mentally and physically and pulled him out of alcohol consumption and nervousness. He said that he had gone into so much depression that he was afraid to even perform on stage and he used to stay locked in the office with his dog. People had stopped coming to his show and he started falling off the radar of the people. However, a friend of his advised him to stay in his sea-facing apartment for a few days to change his mood a bit. When he reached the apartment, seeing the deep sea in front of him, it came to his heart that he should jump in it.

Negative publicity was the reason

Kapil told that the reason for his going into depression was that he had negative publicity. During that time he felt as if the whole world was firing on him. He said that people’s tweets on Twitter used to increase their troubles. Kapil said that during that time I did not have any PR to avoid negative publicity, I cannot change it, but it is also true that I am a man of true heart.


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